Klair House Residential Care Aims

The aim of the services provided is to meet the needs of the individual residents in such a way that it enhances the quality of their lives.

We aim for all our residents to have an “ordinary” lifestyle and for their home to be simply that – ‘Home’. We achieve this by encouraging and working with our residents to be fully integrated into the community in which they live and to take part in its activities according to their individual needs, abilities and interests.

Whilst we accommodate those who require long-term care, it is our philosophy that people who are capable of eventually living independently should be offered every opportunity to do so through a positive learning process. Attendance at our “skills workshops” and one-to-one attention to various structured independent living tasks will assist individuals to achieve this outcome.
We thus continue to value each and every individual who comes to live at Klair House. When an application is made we first assess the applicant’s suitability. We discuss fully our philosophy, aims and plans with the prospective resident and their relatives/representatives. From this initial assessment we work out jointly a plan of care for that individual and proceed from there. This ensures that the individual resident is at the centre of all our helping efforts.

Robert Arneil RMA Dip.MCS, Registered Manager

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